1. CGI Career Career Achievement Award
    Xiaoyang Mao,2018-6.(Link)
  2. Best Poster Award (FORUM8 Co.,Ltd.)
    Atsushi Sugiura, Masahiro Toyoura, Xiaoyang Mao, “Clickable Virtual Button in Real Space,” Cyberworlds, pp.384, Poster, 2013-10. (PDF, Link, BibTeX)
  3. Honorable Mention Award on Poster Session
    Noriyuki Abe, Masahiro Toyoura, Xiaoyang Mao, “Style Transferring Using GIST,” International Symposium on Non-photorealistic Animation and Rendering (NPAR), Poster (Honorable Mention Award, Invited to SIGGRAPH Poster Session), 2011-8. (BibTeX)