When you join our laboratory, you can use your own desk in the big room. It helps them to make active discussion. Equipment: a big refrigerator, an electric jag, sofas, carpeted floor, powerful air conditioners – very comfort and convenient, isn’t it ? 🙂 OBs (students graduated from our lab) and co-operated companies sometimes visit us and leave some sweets. If you are lucky you can get them.

There is a meeting room and seminars are held here every week.

We serve a Windows PC to each students. Many of them use dual displays. An expensive eye tracking system, biosignal measuring system, a wide variety of HMD (Microsoft Hololens2, FOVE0 etc), and 65-inch liquid digital display TV. The latest HIGH-SPEC servers for Deep Learning, and  PCs for Gaming are equipped.  Various research themes related to Image and CG are responded.

※In principle, the core time is set as 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please contact professor Mao if you will be absent because of individual event, like job hunting.


Weekly meeting

Students are divided into some groups according to their themes.

They report proceedings in the group (seminar) every week. We hope you to bring ideas to the group meetings, and promote research. Basically, both Mao and Toyoura join all seminars every week. Senior students in the group become mentors and teaches younger students with teachers. Mentors are expected to proofread sentences, support programming, consult about life. We hope that senior students grow with the experience of mentor. There will be 4 doctoral course students, 6 master course students, and 3~5 bachelor course students in 2020-2021. So you can get fully coaching from them. All students of CS are going to read papers written in English intensively and explain the content clearly in the presence of listeners. The picture below shows the workshop.

Lunch meeting

lunch In lunch meeting, you introduce your own interested things or studies which you are consulting on and talk about them over lunch. There is a rule – make at least one question. We expect you to be interested in other members’ theme.

Paper introduction

paperintro You are going to introduce papers about your research. Before you deliver your report, senior students in the same group review your report. That helps you to understand the contents of papers and prepare for the seminar.

Lab camp

We plan a study camp in the end of summer every year. Holding a workshop in the daytime, and we also have a party at night. Through the study camp, laboratory members become friendly each other every year.


In autumn, we hold a workshop with Fujishiro Laboratory of Keio University. Students make a presentation about their plans to accomplish master thesis or graduation thesis. Not only with the member of our laboratory or university students, we hope you to discuss your interest with many people. Do not stay within your territory (laboratory members, or your own university members). We hope you to make aggressive discussions with many people. Fujishiro Laboratory members have similar interest to ours. So talking with them will be a great help for you to take the first step to the world. You have a chance to visit Mao’s house when the workshop is held in Yamanashi.


The freshman welcome cherry blossom party in the spring, celebration parties in the end of every term and Bonenkai (in the end of the year) are annual events of our laboratory.



20130219.01.s If you become a member of our laboratory, you are expected to start your research about CG, Image Processing or Visualization. In many cases, teachers select some themes of suitable difficulty level for you, which have already been established as a part of the research field. If you already have a themed research theme, we welcome you to consult about it. About past research themes, see the thesis, research, and publications page on this site.


We aim to present research results as many times as possible. Until you graduate undergraduate course, we expect you to present your research result on at least one domestic conference, and at least one international conference until graduating master course. If you get some comprehensive research results, we try to post the research results to academic journals until you graduate master course. Teachers and other members enthusiastically support you when you write papers or make a presentation material. See publications page, and you understand how eagerly we have acted. We will basically support the full amount of your travel fee when you join any international conferences. In the past, a 4th grade student presented his research results on an international conference. There are many academically accepted and published papers written by our laboratory’s master course students. These activities, such as writing papers or making presentations, not only appeal the research results to outside, but also become your valuable learning experience for life. Such experienced students may advance their job hunting with advantage and get their amount of a refund for scholarship reduced.


Students of our laboratory are expected to work as a TA(teaching assistant) or a RA(research assistant) with part-time job fee.

In many exercise course of CS, the help of TAs (teaching assistant) are important. TAs support the students of the class, and assist teachers on scoring reports. RAs (research assistant) are hired within their research activities. You can kill more than two birds with a stone – you gain money, learn from activities themselves, be evaluated when you quest for a job or apply for scholarship refund exemption.

When you assist other research projects with budged allocated, part-time job fee may be paid. In that case, you have to join an experiment as a subject, make a program, or report the results of the experiment.



We actively engage in domestic or overseas study groups, participate in exhibitions as exhibitor, and carry joint studies with other university’s laboratories.


Visit Mao (address01)  whenever you like. It will also be good to you to visit our students room (K-232-1, opposite to “実習室”) and ask students how the laboratory life is.