Bridging Cultures and Innovations: Royal Academy of Cambodia Explores our Grape Cultivation Support System

We are excited to share that we recently hosted a group of brilliant students from the Institute of Science and Technology of the Royal Academy of Cambodia. This visit, which was a part of the Cultural and Educational Exchange Program (CEEP) 2023, took place on September 21st. The attendees were mainly fresh graduates, with a mix of computer science and food science specialties.

Our team had the privilege to introduce them to our state-of-the-art lab and showcase our pioneering grape cultivation support system. This innovative project, utilizing the latest AI and AR technologies, aims to transform the way grapes are grown, especially during critical stages such as berry thinning and harvesting.

The visit provided a great platform for us to delve into the technical aspects of our system and its impact on agricultural productivity. The students showed keen interest and their insightful questions added value to our ongoing development.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the CEEP 2023 delegation from the Royal Academy of Cambodia for their visit. Their active participation and engagement have greatly contributed to our venture in advancing the integration of technology and agriculture.

Please stay tuned for more updates on our website as we steadfastly work on refining our grape cultivation support system. We continue to strive for an era of precision and efficiency in agriculture, shaping a promising future for food production.

We eagerly anticipate future collaborations and cultural exchanges, and wish all the CEEP 2023 participants success in their forthcoming academic and professional endeavours. Thank you again, Royal Academy of Cambodia, for facilitating this enriching exchange of knowledge and perspectives.