Welcoming A3I Program Participants: Showcasing Our Lab’s Research in Supporting Table Grape Berry Thinning and Harvesting

We are delighted to announce that our lab has had the privilege of hosting students from four prestigious universities as part of the “Asia Applied Artificial Intelligence (A3I): Real Problem Solving Driven Artificial Intelligence Education Program”. This program, adopted by the CAMPUS Asia Plus from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in Japan, aims to promote cultural exchanges among participating universities.

Co-organized by the University of Yamanashi (Japan), Hangzhou Dianzi University (China), Pukyong National University (South Korea), and University Malaysia Perlis (Malaysia), the A3I program is conducted in English as the common language, fostering collaboration and connecting these four countries.

During the program, we had the opportunity to introduce our lab and showcase our cutting-edge research in supporting table grape berry thinning and harvesting. The demonstration mainly focused on our system, which utilizes deep neural networks and augmented reality technologies to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of table grape berry thinning. Additionally, we demonstrated our table grape harvesting grading system, which plays a vital role in ensuring the quality and uniformity of the harvested grapes. Lastly, we showcased our robot system designed for table grape berry thinning, which highlights the potential for automation in the agricultural industry.

We were thrilled to share our research with the students and exchange insights and ideas throughout the program. It was a great opportunity to collaborate with bright minds from different cultural backgrounds and gain new perspectives on AI-driven problem-solving.

We extend our sincere appreciation to the A3I program, the participating universities, and the students for their enthusiastic engagement. Their presence and contributions have enriched our research environment and further strengthened our commitment to advancing the application of artificial intelligence in agriculture.

Stay tuned for more updates on our ongoing research and future collaborations. We look forward to continued fruitful partnerships in the field of applied artificial intelligence.