Face Image Generation


Example-based caricature synthesis techniques have been attracting large attentions for being able to generate attractive caricatures of various styles. This research proposes a new example-based caricature synthesis system using a feature deviation matching method as a cross-modal distance metric. It employs the deviation values from average features across different feature spaces rather than the values of features themselves to search for similar components from caricature examples directly. Compared with traditional example-based systems, the proposed system can generate various styles of caricatures without requiring paired photograph–caricature example databases. The newly designed features can effectively capture visual characteristics of the hairstyles and facial components in input portrait images. In addition, this system can control the exaggeration of individual facial components and provide several similarity-based candidates to satisfy users’ different preferences. Experiments are conducted to prove the above ideas.

Face image synthesis has potential applications in public safety, such as video surveillance and law enforcement. For example, creating a portrait of a suspect from an eyewitness can greatly help the police identify criminals. Also, a similar technique can be used for giving concrete form to imagined ideas of romantic ‘types’ and translate other imagined faces into explicit images. However, drawing an image based on descriptions of what is in one’s mind is not an easy task for the majority of people. In this research, we propose a user-friendly system that can create a facial image from a corresponding image in the user’s mind.


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